About Us

Madmoizelle Closet was born four months after the arrival of my daughter in August 2019. Having worked for four years in a luxury hotel in St. Petersburg, I knew that I wanted to prioritize spending time with my first child, who had arrived after years of trying. However, I also needed to find a job that would provide a flexible schedule and financial stability for my family.

Inspired by the online shopping habits of my female friends and co-workers, I began researching the best products for the market and sought advice from family members and a web designer. After conducting surveys, I identified a unique opportunity in the women's fashion industry and began structuring an ecommerce platform for selling clothes online. To attract clients, I utilized social media channels such as Instagram, an E-commerce Site, and email.

As an immigrant from Brazil, I was motivated to differentiate my store from other online retailers by offering the newest fashion pieces and importing these items from other countries while keeping up with the latest trends in the American market. Eventually, I left the hospitality industry to devote myself entirely to the store's growth.

Today, Madmoizelle Closet continues to thrive and provide customers with exciting new fashion pieces in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Our mission is to empower women by providing them with fashion choices that complement their unique body types, ultimately boosting their confidence and helping them feel beautiful on their life's journey.

Thank you for choosing Madmoizelle Closet. We look forward to serving you!

Best regards,

Jaqueline Terra