About Us

Madmoizelle Closet was started 4 months after the birth of my daughter ( August 2019). Prior to the birth of my daughter I was working at a Luxury Hotel in St. Petersburg for 4 years. I knew that after her birth I would want to spend time with her given that she was my first child after years of trying. I also knew that I would need a job that would allow me that opportunity and also provide an income for my family. 
Many of my friends/co-workers are ladies and all of whom were shopping online for the speed, convivence and ease. It was then that the idea of opening an online store came to mind. after doing research on the best products for the market and consulting with other family members and a web designer, the process was started.
After many surveys, I found a unique opportunity in the area of ​​women's fashion, in which I started structuring ecommerce for selling clothes online.  From there, I started to establish service channels such as Instagram, E-commerce Site and e-mail.  Initially, I mainly used Instagram to attract my clients.  
Being an immigrant from Brazil I started to think about what would make my store different from other online stores. So I decided to work with newest fashion pieces, as well as importing these pieces from other countries, of course always observing the newest fashion in the American market.
After a while I decided to leave the Hospitality Industry and dedicate myself completely to the store.  We continue to grow and we continue to give our clients new and exciting pieces in the convenience of their home.
Our goal is to help women have more confidence
in their beauty, bringing beautiful pieces for all
body types, thus giving them greater confidence
in their daily lives. To be strong and even more
beautiful women on your journey.
Jaqueline Terra