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Magnolia Shoes

Magnolia Shoes

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Scarpin Vizzano Red Varnish
Heel in size 37: 6cm
Finish: Varnish

About Measurements: The dimensions of the piece may vary within the grid, according to the size of the shoe.

CLASSIC AND ELEGANT: Pumps are considered one of the most traditional models in a women's wardrobe. The classic closed heel shoe guarantees an elegant and powerful look for the wearer, in addition to lengthening the silhouette. It has variations for different occasions, whether with a pointed toe for a bold look, or with a thick heel for greater comfort.

STYLISH AND DEMOCRATIC: Synthetic materials are produced from chemical compounds, making them a great alternative for those who want to do without the use of products of animal origin. Furthermore, they offer comfort and do not neglect style!

FASHION TOUCH: Varnish is a layer of shine with a slight reflection, and is a timeless classic that brings a super modern and sophisticated look to the piece!

About the brand: With striking shoes full of personality, Vizzano combines the best of fashion with comfort, quality and affordable prices, so that everyone can feel powerful, whether in high heels or close to the ground with flats.
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